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3-23.12.2020, Biennale of Western Balkans
In collaboration with: Rizarios Crafting School

With the project "Text_(f)_iles" I collaborated with the students* of Rizarios Crafting School of Monodendri, exploring the possibilities of traditional loom grids and patterns in relation to the digital matrix, aiming to create a connection between digital and physical craftworks.
* Vicky Pavlou, Nikoleta Tziompou and Asimina Tsampala

Biennale of Western Balkans

The Biennale of Western Balkans started Art Pluriverse, a community science series on intangible cultural heritage, art and open knowledge.
The 1st edition of Art Pluriverse focused on textiles, their communities of practice and artistic heritage in the Balkan region. The programme supports the co-creation of research-based artworks through artist-community synergies and the development of digital community archives based on FAIR and Open GLAM practices, allowing communities their historical self-representation and ethical preservation of their artistic heritage as a means of empowerment.

1st week

Together with the students of RCSchool we co-explored the possibilities of traditional grids and patterns within physical and digital space. In our meetings we transferred the loom grid into a design software while I commenced my work on the rug designs. In their turn, they started to weave our designs on the loom and I started in parallel to translate them into HTML and CSS code.

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2nd week

We continued to work on the rugs designs. In our meeting we talked about craftsmanship and how we can be inspired by tradition to create contemporary designs using traditional techniques. We used the software "Inkscape" and we co-explored the tools and capabilities it offers us to design patterns and vector graphics. We also experimented with new color compositions on traditional patterns.

3d week

During the last week of our meeting with the students of Rizarios Crafting School of Monodendri, Ι encourage them to make their own designs. Also they send me some videos with the detailed procedure of rugs making, that I share with you on the folder “rizarios videos”*.

* Explore more about the project at BoWB

"By being involved with a community that preserves a tradition that goes back in time I was able to merge the old analog craftmanship with the new media and technology opening a new respective that was not attempted up to that moment. The mutual respect and exchange of knowledge offered me the opportunity to deal with my roots by altering and transforming it into a new hybrid code that refers to the present time. I feel deeply thankful for the chance to be able to expand my point of view while honoring my hometown's tradition".